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London District Catholic School Board

I have known Paul Van Brunt since 1999 and worked with him extensively during his time with Coral Energy Canada Inc.  Paul was responsible for managing the London District Catholic School Board natural gas portfolio that consisted of some sixty-five (65) facilities.  During this time, it was through Paul's advice and sound knowledge of the gas market that the Board was able to purchase natural gas for an extended period of a cost of $4.00GJ just prior to the market prices escalating to levels exceeding $14.00/GJ.

Presently, Paul serves as the President of VIP Energy Services Inc. and our Board continues to work with him.  VIP Energy Services Inc. provides the Board with consulting services in the areas of procuring the Board's electrical commodity needs, electrical profiling, meter reading, and evaluation of monthly electrical invoices and consumption ensuring that our Board is properly positioned in Ontario's deregulated electrical market.  As a School Board and a designated customer, our special needs and considerations have always been well supported.  We have also chosen VIP Energy to be our natural gas advisor.

In closing, our Board's experience with Paul Van Brunt and VIP Energy Services Inc. has been very positive and can be described as a strong customer/consultant relationship.  I would not hesitate to recommend VIP Energy Services Inc. and/or Paul Van Brunt to any organization requiring consulting services for utility management and procurement.  Their knowledge, professionalism, enthusiasm and value-added benefits are unprecedented in the industry.


John Kononiuk
Manager of Capital Projects, London District Catholic School Board