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Energy Audits and Conservation Studies


VIP Energy Services Inc. provides varying levels of energy auditing. Our service starts with the very basic to get you started in your conservation journey and continues all the way to establishing a long-term opportunities, implementation and sustainability planning. Each of these audits can be geared more specifically depending on your need to improve the efficiency and reliability of existing electrical, compressed air, refrigeration, cogeneration, natural gas, steam, hot water, water, waste water systems and cryogenic gases. VIP Energy Services Inc. also provides insight into power quality issues such as Harmonics, Voltage and Current Surges and Sags, Phase Imbalance and Low or high Voltage levels. By identifying these power disturbances and hidden issues, power problems can be isolated before negative effects manifest themselves.

Types of Audits Available: 

Basic Footprint Audit: 

  • Analysis on consumption trends and events as far back as the bills or active metering information is supplied 
  • Carbon foot printing, direct and indirect contribution 
  • Efficiency per square foot or basic metric if available 
  • 4-8 projects identified and quantified in appendices, along with eligible incentives

      CO2e Audit (Comprehensive Operations and Opportunities Efficiency): 

        All Footprint features plus: 

  • Efficiency per square foot, temperature and basic metric if available 
  • Equipment consumption list breakdown, allows for focused energy conservation and demand response pre-work 
  • 10-30 projects identified and quantified in appendices, along with eligible incentives 

      tCO2e Audit (Total Comprehensive Operations and Opportunities Efficiency): 

        All CO2e features plus: 

  • Process report and basic flow diagram(s) 
  • Heat and Mass transfer block diagrams for main process areas 
  • 20-50 projects identified and life cycle cost analysis quantified in the appendices, along with eligible incentives and support to fill in forms as required 
  • Detailed preventative maintenance plan on items identified

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