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“…VIP Energy personnel uncovered a $25,000 error with our BPPR rebates. With their assistance, Maple Leaf was able to quickly recover this outstanding money.”Lou Falcone
Maple Leaf Consumer Foods
“VIP Energy has assisted the hospital in managing our energy needs and identified savings opportunities to reduce energy costs.”Stewart Boecker
Vice President, Grand River Hospital
“…VIP Energy undertook a forensic review of our electricity and gas bills. This review resulted in a refund in excess of $240,000 … and a further refund of $80,000…”Mike Fagan
Director, Plant Services Bluewater Health
...that by installing dimmer switches, you can lengthen the life of your bulb?  By dimming your lights, you can also realize up to 50% savings!
... you can save money on your heating bill by having houseplants and an aquarium? They add humidity to the air, which allows you to turn down the thermostat and be comfortable at lower temperatures.
Almost 70% of the garbage we produce can be recycled or composted? Please look into recycling and composting in your area.
...that you can save energy while watching TV? Just make sure the brightness setting on your TV is suitable for your room. The brighter the TV is set, the more energy it uses
In Canada, we use the equivalent of 127 million trees each year of paper products? Please recycle your paper and buy recycled paper products.
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The VIP Energy Services Team is made up of energy management experts with over 135 years in the energy industry

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A bit about us

VIP Energy Services Inc. is a full-service energy management consulting firm. We create solutions for our clients by drawing upon our intimate knowledge of the markets and the products and services developed by the best energy professionals in the business.

Our mission is to make a major impact on the management of energy, adding long-term value to our business partners and clients.

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