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VIP Energy Services inc. is a full-service energy management consulting firm. We create solutions for our clients by drawing upon our intimate knowledge of the markets and the products and services developed by the best energy professionals in the business.

Our mission is to make a major impact on the management of energy, adding long-term value to our business partners and clients.

Our services are targeted at the needs of small, medium and large Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) clients and partnering with utilities to help service their clients.

For clients in the ICI markets, VIP Energy Services Inc. stays abreast of the ever and rapidly changing energy markets and assesses the changes in terms of your businesses exposure and risks. In this way, you're able to continue focusing on core business, while leaving your experts to advise you on actions to manage energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

Based on our extensive Demand Side Management and Demand Response expertise and experience with the ICI market and the domestic and international experience of our staff, we are ready to partner with utilities and end-users to achieve unparalleled results. Our experience with governments, regulators and market system operators ensures that investment due diligence is managed effectively.