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The "Greenprint" Program

Ontario Regulation 397/11 Energy Audit and Environmental Implementation Plan Complainace Program: The Greenprint

In January 2012, Ontario Regulation 397/11 was announced requiring that all public agencies “prepare, publish, make available to the public and implement energy conservation and demand management plans”.

This regulation applies to:

  • Municipalities and Cities
  • Universities/Colleges
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

By July 1, 2013 public agencies are required to submit:

  • Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions template using 2011 data
  • Opportunity to report on previous energy conservation initiatives

By July 1, 2014 public agencies are required to submit:

  • Energy conservation and demand management plans
  • Detail costs and estimated savings for all proposed Energy Conservation Measures
  • Updated Energy Consumption and GHG Emissions
  • Benchmark facilities
  • Updated building characteristics

An updated version of the Greenhouse Gas template must be submitted every year, on or before July 1st, starting 2013. Full Energy Conservation Plan revisions are due July 1, 2019 and every five years thereafter.

The Problem with these requirements are:

  • They can be complicated and convoluted
  • They require calculations not easily determined
  • The plan is long-term and must be consistently upgrade and updated
  • The report must be posted on the public agency’s website and must be approved at the senior administration level
  • There is a large requirement for Monitoring and Verification (M&V)

 VIP Energy Can Help:

VIP’s Greenprint program is designed to meet or exceed all of these requirements and to allow you to relax knowing that your public agency will remain compliant with all of these regulations. Our Client Portal automatically generates the Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Template allowing for hassle-free reporting and consistent Monitoring and Verification (M & V).

We provide weather-adjusted analysis to ensure timely, accurate reporting including:

  • Benchmarking against other similar public agencies.
  • Highlighting and tracking results of different measures
  • Providing up-to-date incentive recognition

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Ontario Regulation 397/11 is part of the Ontario Green Energy Act of 2009 and can be viewed at: