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Energy and Resource Awareness

Most of our clients simply do not have the time to develop the marketing materials, audit performance, provide communications, tips, displays and coordinate information sessions for their staff. Our expert staff has seemlessly implemented this type of program for many types of clients. Using our unique turn-key service, VIP Energy Services Inc. becomes your marketing and implementation partner supplying all the graphics, ideas, tips and materials you need to put together a fail-safe and effective campaign. We customize everything to your needs and your organizational culture, ensuring that your target audience 'buys in'.

It is a proven fact, supported by National Resource Canada, the US Department of Energy and Carbon Trust in the UK, that investing in this type of social marketing and training not only immediately exceeds most technological retrofits, but also increases employee morale, sense of community and engagement. This approach often achieves much better results when technological improvements are commissioned out of a desire to help the environment.

Changing people's behavior not only helps your bottom line, it helps individuals to be more environmentally concious and saves them money at home as well.

VIP Energy Services Inc. uses our proven capabilities in the energy field along with concepts of Community Based Social Marketing to facilitate a change in behavior to encourage a more active role (both individually and as a team) in conserving energy. Our clients have benefited from our carefully planned and customized Energy and Resource Awareness programs and have found them to be an integral part of their overall energy management plan.

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