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Project Management


Detailed Project Costing and Design
Our professional team can help you select the best vendor and pricing to meet your needs, not those of the supplier. We are unbiased and work for you, priding ourselves on saving you money not only in the original capital investment but also in the on-going operational cost. Our Value Engineering services right-size the equipment avoiding the common mistake of one-to-one replacement simply because it worked well in the past. For example, did you know that the initial cost of your new boiler or air compressor only represents 5% of the lifetme cost of the equipment? Wouldn't you want to make sure that whole life cycle is taken into account before buying the oversized unit at a better price?


Project Planning and Budgeting
Installing or replacing equipment requires keen forethought and proper planning methodology. Lack of planning and forecasting is the number one cause for cost increases, change orders and delays in a project. Our experts can help you avoid the pitfalls of inexperience.


Project Management
We can help you keep your project on time and on budget by managing sub-contractors and ensuring the work is being performed in your best interest.


Project Commissioning
VIP Energy Services Inc. has a proven track record of commissioning our own designs and providing the optimization and functionality originally promised. 

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