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Daily Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP) Report
Period $ /MWh
2020 YTD $12.38
Yesterday $5.27
Dec 2020 $5.96
Nov 2020 $9.54
Oct 2020 $10.65
Sep 2020 $13.78
Aug 2020 $18.17
Jul 2020 $18.60
Jun 2020 $11.22
May 2020 $7.31
Apr 2020 $5.78
Mar 2020 $13.44
Feb 2020 $14.00
Jan 2020 $13.92
Dec 2019 $20.59
Hourly Ontario Energy Price: "The Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP) is the hourly price that is charged to local distribution companies (LDCs), other non-dispatchable loads and self-scheduling generators. HOEP becomes the basis of the commodity charges in the retail electricity market if customers receive their electricity from their LDC. Customers who have arranged contracts with licensed retailers are charged their agreed-upon contract rate for the commodity. The HOEP values available in the reports below are stated as $/MWh." Source:
Global Adjustment: "The Global Adjustment provides both adequate energy supply and green energy for Ontario. It accounts for differences between the market price and the rates paid to regulated and contracted generators and for conservation and demand management programs. As a result, its value may be positive or negative, depending on the fluctuation of prices in the spot market." Source:

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