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Online Reporting Service

VIP’s Online Data Management and Reporting System moves energy reporting into the 21st century. Our proprietary online client portal enables secure centralized access to your data from any internet-equipped computer.  Multiple logins allow for facility managers to view reports only relevant to their facility, while allowing company managers to view data for individual locations, or aggregated data for multiple locations at the company level.

Comparison between different locations is quick and easy and allows for hassle-free comparison to established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). VIP’s online portal allows for custom KPIs to be set up as needed (e.g. Energy Cost per Square Foot).

Reporting options include:

  • Budget Analysis Reports
  • Utilization Analysis Reports
  • Carbon Footprint Reports
  • Production Performance Index Reports
  • Bill Verification
  • Weather-Normalized Consumption Reporting
  • Reports which meet the requirements of Regulation 397/11
  • Other customized reports available

Our online client portal has many different features that can be custom tailored to meet your specific needs, and to help you manage and reduce your energy consumption and costs.

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